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Acceptable use policy

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1. Introduction

This Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) constitutes part of the Agreement for all services and products provided by CubitHost. It is designed to ensure compliance with Nigeria laws and to safeguard CubitHost’s network, services, products, customers, and the internet community from improper or illegal activities. By accessing our website or using our services and products, you agree to abide by the rules, terms, and conditions outlined in this AUP.

2. Unacceptable Use and Prohibited Activities

Customers are expected to use CubitHost’s products and services solely for lawful purposes. Prohibited activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Violations of local and international laws prohibiting activities such as child pornography, hate speech, and copyright infringement.
  • Defamation, harassment, or threats against individuals.
  • Infringement of intellectual property rights and copyright laws.
  • Violations of privacy rights or data protection laws.
  • Fraudulent activities, including pyramid schemes and impersonation.
  • Actions that threaten the security or integrity of CubitHost’s network, including hacking attempts and denial of service attacks.

3. Spam and Unsolicited Electronic Mail

Customers must not use CubitHost’s servers for:

  • Sending unsolicited bulk mail for any purpose.
  • Operating or maintaining mailing lists without proper consent.
  • Advertising through unsolicited bulk mail.
  • Failure to secure a mail server against public relay.

4. Public Space and Third Party Content

CubitHost does not control the content of information transmitted over its network, including third-party websites. Customers assume all risks associated with accessing such content, including any breaches of privacy.

5. Usenet Newsgroups

Customers must adhere to the written policies of Usenet newsgroups and refrain from practices such as excessive cross-posting and posting irrelevant material.

6. Protection of Minors

Customers must not use CubitHost’s services to host or distribute unlawful material, including child pornography.

7. Determination of Breach

CubitHost reserves the right to determine violations of this AUP and take appropriate action in accordance with applicable laws.

8. Take-Down Procedures

CubitHost has procedures in place for the notice and removal of illegal material, in compliance with relevant legislation.

9. Complaints and Procedures

Customers are responsible for reporting violations of this AUP to CubitHost’s designated complaints handling agent. Complaints must be submitted in writing and contain relevant details.

10. Consequences of Breach

CubitHost may take various actions in response to AUP violations, including suspension or termination of services, legal remedies, and assistance to law enforcement agencies.

11. Interception of Communications

CubitHost may intercept communications in accordance with legal requirements.

12. Amendment of Policy

CubitHost reserves the right to amend this AUP. Customers are responsible for reviewing updates on our website.

For any questions regarding this Acceptable Use Policy, please contact us: